About Violet Crown Community Works

Violet Crown Community Works is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas, helping build and sustain community in Brentwood and Crestview by supporting neighborhood enhancement projects.

For more information about VCCW, contact Bradley Linscomb, President, vccwpresident@yahoo.com or PO Box 66461, Austin, TX 78766.

In addition to the annual Violet Crown Festival in May and the Violet Crown Oktoberfest, VCCW also has sponsored art projects in the community. These include:

Board Members

  • Bradley Linscomb (President)
  • Sue Minear (Secretary)
  • Ben Combee (Webmaster & Treasurer)
  • Angie Ward
  • Lori Gieger
  • Mike McChesney
  • Nancy Barnard

Previous Festivals

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Photos Credits: Jennifer M. Ramos, Kent Samuelson, Ben Combee, and Jean Graham.